The Butterfly a.k.a papillon a.k.a butter-shit

You can pin and mount me like a butterfly – The Smiths.

The best thoughts are the most delicate,

fastest, trickiest to capture.

Lepidoptera so different on the wing,

than when caught, killed,

and proudly displayed. – Randy Read.

Larousse defines beauty as ‘that which is pleasing to the eye or spirit’ and I’m sure most people would agree butterflies are beautiful. Although there will be one or two pessimist’s who ignore the vibrant and intricate patterns, and just see a flimsy little insect. Tough for them since through the ages butterflies have been seen as the former. Lepidoptera [see above] is the scientific name for the phenomenon, and therefore Latin; deriving from the word Lepid meaning ‘pleasant’, Ancient Greek interestingly called it the psyche which meant the soul, and we now borrow that word to mean ‘mind’. Modern Greek haven’t strayed far with petaloudia -petal. I’m guessing that refers to their wings. The Yiddish call it a summer-bird. I should explain butter-shit, hm? There are two theory’s to the origins, one is to with 12th century witches stealing cream, and the other is to do with Dutch excrement, so both are equally valid. The dutch word boterschijte came from the thought that butterflies poo looked a lot like butter, and so on and so forth the flying little butter-shits became butterfly, probably around the same time we became to prudish to even mutter the word shit. The witchcraft explanation is far more interesting however;  back in the 12th century (only a hundred years after Jesus, how he never got done in for witchcraft is beyond me) they believe witches turned into butterflies and stole peoples butter/cream and other such dairy products. So perhaps it was a sort of warning see a papillon shout BUTTERFLY!, as in watch out your butter gonna-ago-flying if you don’t watch it. Protect the cows there’s a witch about!

Etymology aside, what really fascinates me is the transition between wee caterpillar, to pupa, to grown adult.  “‘[to] have to turn into a chrysalis – and then after that into a butterfly. I should think you’ll feel it a little queer?'” – Alice in wonderland. And I think it should feel queer especially as you’ve been a larvae for your whole life, which could be a matter of months, then spin yourself a little home for a few weeks, and come out with wings and your tongue in your antennae. But unfortunately for him, she only has a matter of weeks or even days to enjoy flying, because she has to lay her eggs before they die. But there are some that avoid winter by migrating south, one such case that has stuck with me is the image of the Monarch Butterfly, in the David Attenborough documentary: Life. who travel from Canada to Mexico for a four-month hibernation, more than can be imagined travel to one spot. For protection, seems an obvious reason why they all go there, but how they can know that is still one of the great mysteries.

I do not know whether I was a man dreaming I was a butterfly,
or whether I am now a butterfly dreaming I was a man.
–Chuang Tse



After reading lemonade grenade parade’s most recent post, I started to look into the concept of marriage and love and whether or not, she had the right idea. I’ve always been one to believe that marriage on a whole is a good thing. There’s the stable relationship and commitment sure, but I’m sure the real reason is boredom, and out of this comes an excuse for a party. Most  little girls (and a few boys) dream about their wedding day when they grow up, mainly because society will have them believe it’s the best day of their lives, the planing and thought that goes into every little detail screams out to us because we’re all designers at heart (and if not  there’s always wedding in a box).  And to be honest I’m looking forward to the planing more than the wedding itself, and I’m not alone, so really is there much difference then living together as two people who are in love, and the label that is Man and Wife, apart from all the new silverware? In some cases marriage is somewhat a joke, for something that take a lot of work to get out of, people get married without a lot of consideration. upon browsing such sites as I mean what would make you marry a man who would tell you that he doesn’t love you over a CoD microphone during multiplayer three years into your so-called marriage? And I’m sure everyone would say no. But how do you know that’s where life would lead you as you’re standing in that white dress.

Ah, love, it can blind you that is for sure, but I still hold that you should be sure of who your future spouse is, taking CoD bride as an example, were there not inkling of his personality that would not be good for long-term. but what is love anyhows? A question that many have tried to answer, the most well-known for wedding ceremony is in the bible; in Paul’s letter to the Corinthians. Which begs the question, if love means never insisting on your own way, why do so many relationships end? Are we humans so innately selfish that we can’t even put aside our differences for the sake of love. Love – apparently, the most beautiful emotion. Who knew?

I apologise to Shinzo perhaps it isn’t cynical, since a working relationship one that’s only lasted till death is death itself, or a hopelessness; that this is as good as it’s gettin’, so may as well live with it. I’ve always had problems with war and injustice, wondering why it was so easy to hate, than talk through your problems and just be happy. But it seems that people will always choose the easier option. But at least with marriage, ‘denying the truth’, there are good intentions, the same good intentions one may have when going into war, maybe one will fight and hate, out of love. A common theme among my friends is, that if someone hurts them, instead of us being the better person and encouraging  said hurt party to move on, we’ll go ape-shit on culprit. Not sure what I have proved here, but hopefully we can all get along and maybe there is some truth, to “better to have loved and lost, than to have never have loved at all.”

Although you could always get a Japanese pillow lover, that shit’ll never leave you.