Rammi. For those internet trolls and lurkers out there you may have heard of her, she is on about every networking site imaginable. Known as the ‘self-proclaimed taser girl’ on Plurk, with them giving her her own emoticon . Ms. Ramon loves her tasering, metaphorically of course, my Christmas card was even decorated with miniature taser baubles. She usually uses it as explanation of rage “I will taser you!”

All this tweeting and posting and general intweweb exploring have given her numerable contacts, with which she somehow manages to persuade to do the most odd things. Her blog domain was brought for her and she even persuaded a musician from L.A to write and record her a song, and then to rewrite it. Her connection with the music business does not stop there, getting herself invited to ‘extra’ in many a music video, and has made herself quite known in real life as well, being invited and attending things such as protests, political conferences and maybe her most formidable annual ‘no pant’s day’. Formidable because she was pictured in the metro baring all save a tee and red and white spripy knickers, which circulated all the secondary schools  and lead to a very awkward conversation with her Bob Dylan obsessed English teacher.

What I love most about her is her love of everything shiny and sparkly things, in fact it surpasses all importance. One time when her and I were in a store, she literally squeed and ran to this sequined thing causing extreme embarrassment to everyone involved, except her good self  who was just blissful in her sparkly haven. She is also sort of stuck in the 90’s and the 21st century at the same time. The 90’s because of her aforementioned love of all that’s silver, the music (esp. Spice Girls) and Leg Warmers. The 21st century so that she can contact half the world and update them on every second of her life, like her computers 0 rpm. She also has money, and uses it, one to feed her iTard love, with a mac book an iPod and considering an iPad, because it is shiny, but decided to omit the idea for lack of hand space. And I’m sure that is just scratching the surface of that what is Ramon, but in her own words: “I just can’t be arsed to finish.”