Can’t you see me?
I am standing tall,
Despite all hope, despite all expectation
There is fallen waste around me
And only I stand tall
Surely you can see me?
I will not be still
I will not yield
The suckled babe is still
The water is still
The flora is still
The fauna is still
The light is still
The air is still
I am not still.

I am not still
But if you do not look
If you do not look at me
I will be as still as life.


A (not so) typical Friday night

A perfectly drawn bath
Sensual waters and equally sensual aroma
A sweaty chilled Chardonnay
An endless supply of Silk cut
A mix of Marvin Seal, some Police for luck
A ridiculously stupid glossy magazine
And of  course my two favourite men:
Ben and Jerry

Love doth make my faint heart bleed

Does a heart bleed?
Does it not constantly leak?
A whole muscle dedicated to pushing blood out of itself
How ever much forces through the gates, ousts as quickly
And when my bleeding heart ceases will you come with me?
My certainty tells me that my heart bleeds for you,
So does it not seem fitting?
My heart does not pump blood
Rather it rejects it, it hates it, and it is never relieaved
But some would say it was worth it
Some romantic poet, Keats perhaps?
He would most definitely say it was worth it
Worth the pain of my heart in that my soul could meet you
And whence our bleeding hearts end, can it not be for vanity
That I knew you