Settle wind, settle.

Whistling wind
Whipping through and through.
A high pitched shriek,
Formula 1 breaking.

Standing I can see you wind
I see the lines you make in the sky
Curved and blurred,
Like a time-lapse photo.

O if only I could see you wind
I’m sure we could be friends.
But all I feel is your cold.
You wrap me up
You get in through my sleeves,
The back of my neck
You make my whole back shiver.

And then you are gone
As quickly as it takes my hair to settle.
But even when I am shielded from you my wind,
I hear your voice;
Your shrill moan
Hail will burst, oh hear!

Inspired by the 160mph Gail force winds in Scotland. *last line borrowed from Shelly. 8/12/11