6 years. 3 years. When will I learn.

I guess you never really get over your past. You think you finally have a strong foundation in a friendship. But it had the same holes as all the others; well the one other. They’re harder to see. Sugar coated. Rose coloured. But everything that you thought you had. You realise it was never really there. The same deal. You’ll never be the one to talk to.

So why do sail boats travel the seven seas?

Friendship is not the only ship to never sink. It’s the only one to crash to the bottom of the sea and dent the whole earth. To rust in the deep sea. 

Why sail the sea when there’s land to see?

Friendship is the only ship that can be anchored as easily as drifting and dissapearing. 

Because the water is endless. 

And once lost it is lost forever. 

The open blue will never leave. 

You will never leave me.