Hello, my name is leaf.


Something’s crawling over my now expanded surface.

I am now no longer a bud but I am big and stretched and flat

And there is something crawling on my back, furry and it nibbles my edges

It tickles.

A caterpillar it tells me is its name

He tells me I am young like all things but I will learn

I float in the breeze all is clear and fresh.


It blazes hot – it is so satisfying – eating and eating the light – there is no end

It is wonderful. Life is everywhere – the air is still – but I am so full of life.

The caterpillar comes by again and asks if he may use my branch

Not that I have a choice, but I do not mind I am happy and content.


The light has left my life – yellow hides behind grey and white.

I feel myself draining – I realise she was who gave me life.

I see a muddy orange filling my mind, I feel weak

Mr. Caterpillar I think is dead he is in a coffin hanging from my branch.

My edges that once tickled are curling inwards. I feel cold.



My branch is moving! Mr. Caterpillar’s coffin is moving.

It’s breaking, something is moving inside! I feel once more hope that has not been felt for a long time. Hope of life. But it is not Mr. Caterpillar that emerges but something altogether different, strange. It’s beautiful. Absolutely stunning. So many lost colours that I had forgotten. All I have seen is red and brown. But hear blue’s and purples!
And it is flying. Flying! Higher and Higher, ha! look at that.

Then I realise it is not only getting higher but I am getting lower.




I’m falling



But look oh so beautiful….